I started getting into cars long before I could even drive! My father was an engine builder by trade so I was born into it! Dad was a Ford engine specialist and built road and race engines. By aged 10 my mere £1 pocket money was not enough to fund the big dreams I had so I began helping my dad re-condition the engines he built. I started doing basic things like stripping them down and cleaning parts. Then progressed to being able to rebuild a complete cylinder head on my own by about age 11!

Part of my dads work was producing race engines for short-circuit cars, the Ford X-flow in those days was the race engine of choice. There were a couple of drivers that I got to know very well and when I got a little older, around 12yrs old, I used to go and mechanic for them. Getting into the heart of the action was a real buzz for me and I loved it. There were a couple of occasions when I got to drive the car on the track in practice when I was around 16/17 and that was quite and experience. Driving something that weighs next to nothing with around 170bhp  full race engine is pretty entertaining when you have never driven a car properly before!

Once I could drive I then decided I would adopt another of my fathers passions.. Fixing up cars! I couldn’t afford to go and buy anything newish to drive so I opted to go to the local scrappy and get a damaged car I could repair. After I had done my initial one and it turned out okay I did a few for other people to get them on the road cheap as well which gave me a little pocket-money for my next car.

I then realised I could get some quite nice cars pretty cheap if they had been damaged so I found a fairly quick way into moving myself up the performance ladder!

Car insurance was the killer being a young lad so I could only take fairly small steps and maybe some misguided ones along the way.. But they were all in the right direction!

Life started with a number of Ford Fiesta’s in various states of basic modification!

From there I took on my first major project an MkIV Escort RS turbo…

…Find out more in the project area.

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